Ahhh yes, now the big question…I booked a room or an event and now what can I do?  You’re in for a surprise.

Yankton was once the Capitol of Dakota Territory, located on the biggest passageway through it, the Missouri River.

Yankton’s part of the Missouri River has now been declared a National Recreational River protected by National Park Service.. No powerboats or jet skis..sorry. BUT wonderful fishing, canoeing, boating or walking.  


BIKE PATHS Yankton has one of the nicest walking paths in the state. Our walking paths stretch throughout the city all the way out to the lake..You can walk it day or night..Start right next to us by the Walking bridge.

Walking Bridge that stretches over the Missouri River is directly across from the Brewery. No 41 on the Map below. Walk it enjoy all the beauty and the area across the river as well.

The link below will take you to the city’s interactive bike and walking path..


We have a wonderful live theater 1/2 block from here. The Lewis and Clark Theater.http://www.lewisandclarktheatre.org/

The Water Plaza located right across from the Brewery.. You can see it through the windows in the Rosebud. No 40 on the map below


New Walnut Streets improvements are incredible! 


Here is a couple of one minutes videos that have some info on them as well.. First one is a cute overview, second is shopping







Cafes and Eateries? Diversity is the spice of life…Check out the map below for directions to the cafe numbers below

8. MoJo’s  Pizza 605 665-8372 

9. The Landing..  Specialty food +1(605)664-2279

11. Checkers..  Hamburgers, wings, fires and of course checkers. +1(605)689-2244

12. Abe’s..  NEW no number yet

13. Cheers.. Pizza and Boiled fish buckets   +1(605)665-4503

14. Willa B.. Sandwiches  605 689-1002

15. Big River Burrito…Burritos  605 689-0407

32. The Black Steer 605 665-5771

Pubs? Yeah we like our unique pubs. Quite a few to choose from as well.. See map below to locate the Pub numbers below

1. Ben’s Brewery.. Beers 605 665-4844

2. O’Malley’s Irish Pub 605 665-2411

3. Walnut Bar  Dead Animal Bar 605 665-5943

4. Happy Hourz   605 260-0338

5. Boomers 605 665-9167

6. MoJo’s  605 665-8372

7. Zebra Dance  & Cockatoo Gentleman’s Club 605 665-9594

8. 1872 Saloon  605 838-1505

9. Landing  605 664-2279

10. THE ICE HOUSE 605 665-2631

00. Capitol St. Pub  605 260-8998


Stores? Small Boutiques and Cute Shops

17. Jan’s Fish N Stuff 605 665-2626

18. Rexal Drug Store 605 665-7866

19. Larsen Carpet and Tile 605 665-2067

20. Endless Treasures 605 665-0634

21. Dig’s Clothing 605 661-4418

22. Head to Heels Clothing 605 665-2599

23. Lisa Fashion 605 665-8691

24. Boston Shoe Store 605 665-9092

25  Rita’s Boutique 605 260-8362

26. Lily Crest Cottage 605 664-8800

27. Monta’s Framing and Decor 605 664-0622

28. Kline Jewelry 605 665-3225

29. Royal Sports Store 605 665-9333

30 Gray Boutique 605 660-3708

31 L. Lenae Floral 605 668-3010

Legal Service?  Ready to sue someone or need legal advise? We have some of the best around and many of them. Not only that but court services are just a hop skip and jump from here too.. That’s a 1/2 block in English.

Other service related places? Title companies, Insurance, Court Services all within a block or two.

Want a new car, old car, or car services/repairs? Some of the best and yep all within a block or 2.