Named after the Captain Marsh, steamboat Captains Daughter.

Originally it was the children’s floor  when the building was Fantles department store. A live Monkey sat in the corner with a merry go round on the main floor.

This room has so much simple beauty.. Hard wood gleaming floors, tall ceilings that are lightly draped and lighted with thousands of tiny lights, view of a massive staircase surrounded in glass, big windows on 2 sides of the room. 




  • Ceiling Height..12 ft


  • Room size 4500 sq. ft +/-


  • Occupancy… Wedding 300+ Reception 175+ depending on setup.. IE oblong banquet tables or rounds.


  • ADA, Handicap accessibility.. Elevator.. back fire escape staircase and large 5ft staircase 


  • Bathrooms.. Men and Women next to elevator same floor


  • Access to hotel rooms above on 3rd floor. Elevator or staircase


  • Access to Main street.. bottom of large staircase