We LOVE the Holidays…So why NOT enjoy them in downtown Yankton? 

The WH Suite is one of the ways you can stay in downtown Yankton for the Holidays! It offers a wonderful alternative to having friends and family at your home…

It’s 2,500 sq. ft!

Huge Kitchen (used to be Russo’s restaurant), big bar, seating, big screen tv in living area, big bedroom in the back with 2 bunk beds, queen bedroom in front, plus tons of couch’s and pull outs. If your anything like our family you talk until dawn, drink coffee and coffee to stay awake, crash for a couple hours and awake to smell of more coffee and breakfast. After all who knows when you’ll see each other again…Lots to catch up on.



And it will be decorated, no need to bring a tree, we gotcha covered. PLUS  Downtown Yankton is beautiful in the holidays.Walk the streets, listen to the holiday music on the streets…walk the bridge…

BEST of all is the price….$500.00 for a 2 night stay!

Plus you can book other rooms in the building to stay in..

Like the Danforth Suite

Or The McVay Suite


The McVay Bedroom

The McVay Living Room


McVay Kitchen


Call us for more information and to book it. 605.760.6460