Stay in Unique Rooms

They are unique and fun.. Some are surrounded in history. Some are surrounded in Modern looks. But one thing is certain, they are different. 

Our hotel room location allow you to walk out the door and walk the streets…(not like the old days of walking the streets). Once there you’ll see fun little shops and pubs. Old buildings, an awesome walking bridge across the Missouri River that is now designated a National Scenic Waterway It is now connected to beautiful water plaza Walnut St plaza.

So come stay here on your way to or from your main destination. Or stay while here for an event or meeting. Or just stay while going to court..a block away.


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Check in for all hotel rooms is at the Riverfront Event Center Walnut st side of building,,

All of the Hotel Rooms have a certain style and grace.. The River Rose Rooms for example: The Danforth is set in an old world style reminiscent of the late 1800’s. The McVay in Empire, Heaton in 1940’s, Edmund is Hunting Lodge, Fantles is Victorian..

All of the rooms in the Riverfront Event Center are more of a Frank Lloyd Wright feel.. What they all have in common is the ability to make you feel good about staying here.

   The Rooms at The Hotel 114 are modern in style. The lobby is full of color with bold new modern style furniture and art.

The thing you may love the most is our location, right in the heart of downtown Yankton.. AND a hop skip and jump (that’s 1/2 block in layman’s terms) from wonderful walking bridge. You’ll love the pubs, shops, the walking bridge, the river.

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