In The Riverfront, The Brewery or the River Rose you can host a small event or meeting, conference or even a convention with break out rooms.  It not a just a box with other boxes attached on, it’s got great beauty and charm Not Ordinary, Extraordinary! A place you’ll love to bring your family friends and coworkers to. Its location, right in the heart of downtown and 1/2 block from the Water Plaza and Walking Bridge, makes it even more attractive.

The Brewery

This building was actually the power house for the brewery that used to sit across the street. Its construction is incredible Not only it is strong for people to be on the roof the roof will also in the future support a swimming pool. Its location has an phenomenal view of the new water plaza the city is building right across the street.


The Rosebud Room at The Brewery

Approximately 2000 sq ft +/-  Seats 225 26 ft ceilings all concrete, steel and brick Large windows with a view unto the City water Plaza being built at the foot of the Meridian Walking Bridge.


The Barley Room at The Brewery

Seats up to 350. This room adjoins the Rosebud through a large door. 26ft ceilings all concrete and steel. Soon all the green trim will be brown for more of an appealing look.


The Riverfront

We have many beautiful spaces to choose from Each of the above floor plans will help you to choose one or all that many be right for you.


Evening Star Banquet Hall

The Evening Star, banquet hall, (East side) is a large 5,500 sq. ft with a 2,000 sq. ft entry The banquet Hall can seat u to 500 Separate entry and rear door that walks out into the patio. This makes a great space for booths and shows.


Entry for the Evening Star Banquet Hall

The  Entry  for the Evening Star banquet hall, is a perfect space for meetings, bridal showers, and small events. It has it’s own bathrooms direct access to main street, fireplace, and a loft are for displaying,  It is located in-between the coffee shop and East Banquet room, with doors to close it off from both or either adjacent room.




Josephine Room

The Josephine Room is current being revamped along with the the entire second floor. As you see here it is setup for a reception. In the plans for the 11,000 sq. ft floor is bathrooms, meeting room and more hotel rooms. Can seat up to 440.