Many years ago an 87 year old man by the Name of Milo Prehiem, came to visit us, said he wanted us to buy his train…My first thought was 55 gallon drums cut down being pulled by whatever.. Curt took the trip Milo’s east 40, he called it,in Parker SD to see his train..He couldn’t believe this man built this train from scratch. It took him several years to do it. After it was completed he and his wife Dorthy spent most of their time going to fairs and show to the delight of whomever would ride it or see it.

Soon we owned his train and as a side benefit the 87 year old man shared much of his knowledge of life with us as well.. For that and his train we will be forever grateful.

We use the train to give rides on special occasions in the downtown, it still delights children and adults. We also use it for rides in the winter as well, to which many children believe it’s the Polar Express..

You can rent the train for special occasions from us. The rent is $300.00 a hour


The Train at Christmas Loaded with “Passengers”