Job: Banquet Servers

    Title Banquet Servers
    Salary Based on Experience
    Location Yankton, SD
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    Job brief

    Banquet servers are staff members that work large catering events and banquets. This position differs from restaurant servers in that banquet servers will serve every table at the same time from groups ranging from as small as ten to well over hundred. You will work with the catering staff, who prepare each course at the same time. You  must ensure each course is delivered as quickly as possible, keep glasses filled, remove each round of plates and answer any questions from guests. In the event that there are multiple meal choices, you may be required to take orders from each table.

    Following the event, you are often responsible for clean up and breakdown of the service.

    • Customer Service: Communication is key to banquet server jobs. You will need to listen to the customer’s order, answer customer’s questions, and more. You will need great listening and speaking skills, a friendly, relaxing demeanor, courteousness and quick service create a great dining experience for customers.

    • Stamina: Busy days on your feet, moving fast and carrying large trays of food are the trademark of a banquet server job.

    • Teamwork: Banquet servers are part of a team. You will be working with other servers and the cooking staff to make a great dining experience. Being a team player is essential.

    • Cleanliness: Nobody wants their food delivered by a slob. Being clean and neat when serving food and drinks will help create a great first impression to your customers.

    Pay is based on experience and work history. Bonuses are paid with pay period and yearly based on work ethics and job dedication. We are an employee family made up of many social and ethic nice backgrounds.

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